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So I started a new job. They were in the middle of preparing for a couple of events so my first few days were atypical and I was mostly out of the office:  coordinating with venues, arranging for catering, and … Continue reading

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In my mid-twenties, I thought this book was a plausible explanation for the phenomenon of the commitment-wary male. Now I think that’s rubbish. I’m the monster. Logic dictates that I’m also Grover. So that’s a plus.

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Road trip

Okay so Montreal was cool. Thanks to my very good, very kind, especially terrific friend C, I was able to go to Montreal with her.  We took the bus and we ran into traffic as you may recall. The flat … Continue reading

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Holy shit. It’s a castle!

There was a bit of hullaballoo when my mother headed back home and I continued my journey alone.   We’d been to Temple Meads Station the day before to arrange for her transport to Heathrow. The folk at the ticket office … Continue reading

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Our Happy Western Highland Hideaway

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Ugh … Ahh…

Despite my grumbling about our stay in Inverness, I actually liked the town.  Bustling and growing, it had a weird vibe that I don’t know how to describe without sounding insane.  It seemed a bit like a rough and tumble … Continue reading

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Royally Riled

I’ve taken a philosophy course or two and I really enjoyed reading Leibniz.  Coming from a math background, I was curious about him:  Newton gets all the press because of his laws of motion and his batshit-crazy alchemy but Leibniz … Continue reading

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Signs of the referendum were everywhere:  on the bus, in the pub, on the statue of the 7th Duke of Queensberry.  Buskers on the Royal Mile were singing about it.  Newspapers were writing about it.  And politicians were just messing … Continue reading

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Edinburgh was better than I’d dared to hope.

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Look familiar?

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