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So I started a new job. They were in the middle of preparing for a couple of events so my first few days were atypical and I was mostly out of the office:  coordinating with venues, arranging for catering, and … Continue reading

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In my mid-twenties, I thought this book was a plausible explanation for the phenomenon of the commitment-wary male. Now I think that’s rubbish. I’m the monster. Logic dictates that I’m also Grover. So that’s a plus.

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Look out there’s a monster coming

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Stupid phone.

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Road trip

Okay so Montreal was cool. Thanks to my very good, very kind, especially terrific friend C, I was able to go to Montreal with her.  We took the bus and we ran into traffic as you may recall. The flat … Continue reading

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My neighbourhood: featuring The Mattress Family

Apropos of nothing… We long suspected that the house next door is some sort of halfway house.  When we first moved in, we would be routinely awoken by some asshole yelling up at a window next door:  “Hey Mike!!  Hey … Continue reading

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In your neighbourhood

I’ve lived in some pretty bad areas of the city.  And some of the nicer ones too.  Living in the west end and having my house broken into and hearing someone being stabbed outside and listening to prostitutes fight and … Continue reading

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Road to nowhere….

The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round.  And the wi-fi on the bus  makes the wheel on my iPad go ’round and ’round. Happy to be going out of town for a couple of days. but… Photos below … Continue reading

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A cautionary tale

I love watching documentaries.  One of the things I liked about living in the UK was that they had great television.  They did more with 4 channels (at the time) than I’d seen on 100 channels back home and documentaries … Continue reading

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Castle Addendum – the wall walk

The castle featured a “wall walk”. Recall that the castle is HUGE. The stairs to the wall walk don’t look all that impressive and they aren’t near the highest parts of the castle. My fear of heights made them appear … Continue reading

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