Castle Addendum – the wall walk

The castle featured a “wall walk”.

Recall that the castle is HUGE.

Holy shit!  It's a castle!
Holy shit! It’s a castle!

The stairs to the wall walk don’t look all that impressive and they aren’t near the highest parts of the castle.

trip 1105My fear of heights made them appear much more intimidating.
Also, it had begun to rain intermittently.
trip 1158

So rather than attempt the wall walk, I did my own version called climb-the-steps-and-sit-as-still-as-possible.

Half-way up, I took a moment to sit and try to talk myself out of the vertigo.  I find standing on a chair to change a lightbulb challenging so this was a bit out of my comfort zone.

trip 1112
The stairs feature a railing. I like this.
trip 1121
I plan on continuing up the stairs. … Soon.
trip 1129
Whew, I made it to the top. Left hand takes photo: right hand attaches to railing.

You can see that the first part of the wall walk has a metal railing.  Then there is a wood railing.  Then there is no railing.  Because the metal railing is not higher than my hip, I am not going any further;  that is for crazy people, Spiderman, and young men.

There was a small group of young men who ventured out a little way onto the wall.  The only other visitors were a man in a wheelchair scooter and the guy assisting him.

Apart from the wasps and the bloody birds, it was very quiet.

trip 1115


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