In case you were wondering: an update

Spock is coming home tomorrow.


We had her spayed on the 6th.  We returned with Spock later that day to get her fitted with a new, hard cone that she couldn’t wriggle out of as easily.  She had already cleansed herself of her stitches by that point.   A couple of days later, on the 9th, we returned to the vet because her wound had opened up and it was bad.  Rather than just stitch her up again, the vet re-opened the wound (even the bits that  had healed) to make sure there was no evidence of infected or gangrenous tissue.  They kept her overnight.  This stopped the clock on the 10 days before she could have her stitches removed and be free of cone.

We picked her up again on the 10th and the 10 day trial began anew, only now with a much bigger opening.  The vet kindly agreed to lend us a large cage so we could make sure she wasn’t doing any unsupervised jumping while we slept.  On the 15th, her stitches were still in place but there was a bad discharge so we returned to the vet who claimed that it was an infection and that she thought it best if we left Spock with them until the 20th so they could keep an eye on her and be certain there was no jumping.

We paid her a visit on the 17th to say hello and make sure she knew we hadn’t just abandoned her.  She was very animated.  The vet says there is no longer any evidence of infection and that she is doing well.  I hope against hope that she is well enough to resume running and jumping while cone-free because she is going to be one excited kitten to be home again.


Also, I decided that “fridge” having a “d” is just a bit of clipping.   Neither of its antecedents have a “d”:  “frigid” and “refrigerator”.   When shortened, it took on the accepted spelling of similar sounding words like “ridge”, “bridge”, “binge”, “edge”, etc. and paid its parents no mind.  Now that might seem kind of obvious if you think about it for a second but it is a function of my frantic worrying and low-level mania that this did not occur to me, a person who studied linguistics for several years.


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