Blogging about blogging: not something I want to make a habit of….

I do not fully understand the culture of “following” blogs. Of the 22 people following this blog (as of this writing), I suspect fewer than 6 of them have actually read one of my posts all the way through.  So why are the other 73% following me?  I’m guessing they found me with keywords (which would explain some followers … but not the fashion blogs) and they want me to follow them.

Apropos of nothing.   It was just time for a picture.
Apropos of nothing. It was just time for a picture.

Now, it’s not that I don’t want to follow them, but I use my reader for a particular purpose.  I only “follow” blogs where posting is sporadic because I get a weekly digest.  If I read your blog regularly and you post regularly, you are in my browser’s bookmarks:  I don’t need a reminder to read you.  If I followed every blog that I had a cursory interest in or who followed me, my reader would be very unpleasant to navigate.  So really, it’s not you:  it’s me.

And perhaps the exception proves the rule:  I follow the Dish because they post TOO much and getting a snippet in my reader allows me a peek to see if I want to read the whole post.

I fear this is poor manners on my part and perhaps there’s a very sensible reason for all of this following.  If there is and you know it, please enlighten me.  I freely admit that I don’t know what I’m doing.  When Sandi of sappy as a tree mentioned something about blogging etiquette a while back, it kind of freaked me out.  I hadn’t really considered it.

There are times when being told “ur doing it wrong” is not helpful and is more an indication of the commenter wishing to impose their values on a situation.  In this case, while I don’t feel the need to court readers by pretending to be something I’m not, I don’t want to alienate you all by my thoughtlessness.  So, dear readers, I welcome your input on this…

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  1. I think lots of people want to behave in the blog world they way they behave on Facebook or LinkedIn, etc. But the blog world should be different because it is art. While it feels kine of weird to me to be doing something on the internet that maybe nobody at all will read, ultimately it is the writing itself that I want and if I am reading someone it is their writing I want. For me, that trumps “following”. This is one place where if you alienate someone by writing what you want and need to write, “oh well” is an acceptable answer.

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    • Is the blog world necessarily art? I ask because I don’t know what art is, really. I have this thing about Rothko: he really turns my crank. But 10 years ago, I would have said, “Oh, it’s just lines. A kid could do that. I don’t get it.” But I practically cried my head straight off in the Tate when I visited and saw ‘my’ painting. Was it art all along or is art, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder? Ah, you’ve got me started, you have.

      100% agreement on writing for the sake of writing and if someone reads and enjoys it, so much the better.
      Still, I’ve got a lot of contentious stuff in me to write about but haven’t yet found the nerve. As much as I like to think I’ll let it slide if I get angry or mean comments, I don’t have a particularly thick skin. But at least I’ll know someone is reading…

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  2. I have a pretty wide definition of art. I look at it as self-expression and…. say one other person appreciates it, gets it, thinks it’s beautiful or amazing or moving, then in my book, it’s art.

    I totally get the part about getting your nerve up to write certain things. There are some things I will not be writing about for anyone. Not that they are horrible things. But I am learning how not to leave myself open to abusive responses and also, I want to write my stories and if my stories get into the territory of someone else’s story–that’s not my responsibility. I’m not going to be some great writer with rules like that. But then again, I don’t have to be a great writer!

    Blogging leaves you kind of vulnerable. It’s okay to go slowly with that vulnerability. I’m going incredibly slowly myself!!


    • Well there’s a reason my name isn’t on my blog. It’s so that I can tell the difficult or contentious stuff. I spent far too much of my life being quiet or whispering into someone’s ear to let them be my loudspeaker. I need to speak up and speak out.

      Don’t know about you but there’s something about putting a thought or experience into words on paper, something about the way my brain selects particular words that allows me to learn more about the experience or allows me to understand it better. English is an especially terrific language for that: so many loan words that mean largely the same thing with slightly different connotations. I wonder whether you write about the things you will not write about for anyone but only write them for yourself. One doesn’t have to hit that “publish” button, thank goodness.

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  3. Thanks for the mention! I had to say that, because your post was about blogger etiquette, but I do appreciate it. I’ve been blogging for about 6 months (3 months with some intensity), and my conclusion is that I follow people too quickly. But — time is short, blogs are many. These days I try not to follow anyone if I haven’t read at least a couple of posts — all the way through — and taken a peek at the “About” page.
    I read mostly via the Reader, as opposed to email. When I skip past a blog regularly, I know I goofed.

    The comment issue still is a source of confusion and even angst at times. But that is a blog post in itself. Oddly, I have found that posts about blogging can be strangely popular.

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  4. I don’t find it impolite not to follow someone who follows you. There are, so far as I can tell, no blog police who will ticket you for infractions (though you may encounter people who will nominate themselves for the job). But you know why you’re blogging and why you follow people (or don’t), and so long as what you’re doing suits your purposes, I don’t see anything wrong with it. So I’m considering following your blog, but if I choose to do so please don’t feel obligated to follow mine. If you do, that’s great, but if you don’t, no harm.

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  5. I follow people whose writing I like, who share a common interest, who may have a budding interest in writing professionally, who are also struggling to heal in a world seems to thrive on breaking people, and last, because Blogging for Dummies compared blogging culture to a neighborhood. Or as one of my role models, OM would say, and I’m paraphrasing; that’s why they call it ‘social’ media.

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