Legal Castles

One aspect of my mother’s resistance to cancelling our trip was her interest in being in Edinburgh for the referendum.  Another aspect was “showing [me] Scotland” as it is her birthplace and I had never been.  In the event, she meant to mirror one of her past trips:  we have to go to Edinburgh, to Stirling Castle (there was a nice pub), to Inverness, and perhaps to nearby Buckie which might have been our incestral home (at some, unknown, point).

I would very much like to post a few select photos from Stirling but my iPad ran out of juice because I took way too many photos and videos on our way there.  The train journey was probably my favourite part.  Put me on a train in a forward-facing window seat and just let me be in my happy photo-taking bubble.  For me, it’s a kind of heaven.  It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, it’s that I don’t want to talk to you.  Conversation on a train should be limited to the following:  “Oooh!”, “Aaahh!” and nudging and pointing at features in the window on the other side of the train.  The scenery need not even be pretty:  I’m just as engrossed by industrial grime as by rolling hills dotted with sheep or towering mountains.  I just like to be on the move, preferably to somewhere new but not necessarily different.

Not to worry, though.  I took several dozen photos with my mother’s iPad.  They will be forthcoming once 1) she figures out how to email them to me, or 2) I go to her apartment and email them to myself. I end up being the IT person, not because I know anything, but because I’m willing to try things and am patient enough to wait to see if the things I’ve tried will actually work.  Many times, I suspect my flatmate has hit upon the solution to whatever problem he is having with Microsoft Word but has, in frustration, given up on waiting to find out if it will work… and then goes on to try something else which will NOT work before throwing his hands up in defeat.

You might be surprised to hear of this technical aptitude if you are the schoolgirl I appealed to at Stirling Castle.  “Excuse me, you look like you will be young enough to be an expert with these stupid things” I said pointing to my mother’s iPad.  She protested that she didn’t know much but it turned out that she did know how to revert the camera from video back to photo.  She seemed kind of astonished that someone would not know how to do this and that she could be considered an expert for such mundane knowledge.  Yes.  Well.  In the land of the blind, the one-eyed woman is queen.

For the curious:  illegal castles are a thing.

trip 649
Pretty view of the adjoining cemetery at Stirling Castle (one of the last photos I took before the battery died).

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