Royally Riled


I’ve taken a philosophy course or two and I really enjoyed reading Leibniz.  Coming from a math background, I was curious about him:  Newton gets all the press because of his laws of motion and his batshit-crazy alchemy but Leibniz also independently developed differential calculus and Leibniz’ notation is vastly superior to Newton’s, and, … And then we read the Monadology.  After a lot of dry readings, the Monadology was in simple language (good translation?) and the ideas were peculiar, where peculiar equals interesting plus fun.

But it was Hume who stole my heart.  His writing was lucid and charming.  His clear explanation of the logical problem of induction blew my mind.   There really is no logical necessity for the future to resemble the past.  Just because the sun rose this morning and all previous mornings that I can recall, does not necessitate that it will rise again tomorrow.  Would I bet the house that the sun will rise?  Sure.  But I can easily conceive that it would not.

His statue on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is a travesty.  I blame the Duke of Edinburgh and plan on writing him a cross letter.  Hume was a brilliant, thoughtful man.  So why is he sitting half-naked with his tits out and with his toe hanging out like that?  The toga is meant to represent the timelessness of philosophical thought but it just looks undignified.  The fact that students rub his toe for luck on exams is entirely contrary to his empiricism.  Everything about this statue is just wrongIt’s downright hateful to his memory.  Plus it’s on the Royal Mile which I wanted to leave from the moment I arrived.  It is a largely pedestrian street with buskers of various kinds and every kind of chain cafe and touristy shop you could imagine.  Ugh.

Later that day, I was waiting for my mother outside the M&S on Princes Street and saw this:

trip 126
The Scott memorial is in favour of independence.

By the time she emerged, there was this:

trip 130
Update: the Scott memorial is not necessarily in favour of indepedence.

Oh, and another knock against the Royal Mile:  it’s a bit of a hike…

trip 083
View from the outside the castle atop the Royal Mile. Not for acrophobics.
To get to these stairs, there is a rather steep hill.

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